Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you spoil the pictures on the website with that ugly copyright notice across them?
It is an unfortunate fact of life for artists and photographers that many people do not understand that pictures posted on the worldwide web are not free to take and do whatever you wish with them. Sales of our work is how we are able to continue doing what we love, and every time somebody copies an image from our website and uses it, they devalue it. It is very easy for a special image to become so tainted in the marketplace that it can no longer be sold or licenced by the original artist. By putting our copyright notice clearly across the image, we are able to maintain some control over how it is used. It is understood that prints that you pay for will not have this notice, nor will the files provided for images that you may choose to licence from us. Please see the copyright notice and disclaimer for more information.
Why is there no buy now button for the photographs and artworks on your site?
I have removed all the buy now buttons from all pages. The range of print sizes and papers that can be provided is large, and a buy now button limits your choices. Contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss options and give a firm price quote. Alternatively, for those images with a link to the Fine Art America Site, you can obtain an immediate quote for a variety of print types and sizes, framed and unframed.
How accurate are the sizes as quoted of prints and originals?
Sizes given should be used as close, approximate dimensions of the actual image and not as exact framing specifications.
What materials will be used for prints and originals?
All limited edition giclee prints and photographs will be printed on suitable paper using archival inks. Images will be appropriately mounted and wrapped for protection. PLEASE NOTE that except when canvas is specified, prints are on paper.

Original artworks are professionally mounted and framed with metal frames.

I would be interested in licencing one of your images, can this be done?
Yes! For information and charges, please send us an email by pressing the Contact Us button. Be sure to specify the image you are interested in as part of the subject line of your email. Alternately, many of Louise's images on this website, plus additional selections can be licenced or purchased as a digital file from Getty Images, Alamy, or other stock agencies. Many images have a link to the appropriate stock agency file in the individual image page.
Giclee prints on canvas!
We are able to produce limited edition giclee prints on canvas for most of Phyllis's artworks and a selection of Louise's photographs. Canvas prints can be stretched onto a wooden frame.
I don't like putting my credit card details on the internet. How can I be sure it is safe?
All orders are placed on a SECURE PayPal site. This means that not only are your credit card details safe, both the buyer and the seller have protection from fraud. PayPal is an EBay company, with years of experience handling payment transactions by a variety of methods and in different currencies.
How will my purchase be shipped, and how quickly will it be sent?
Shipping will be determined at the time of purchase. Your email quote will have shipping options as a separate item. We aim to despatch orders within two weeks. If we are unable to do so, we will let you know asap so you can decide whether to wait or to modify or cancel your order. If your order is urgent, please let us know and we will do our best to help.
I am interested in buying one of the artworks, but I would like to discuss it first. Can I telephone you?
We are happy to answer any questions you may have, either by email or on the telephone. Click on Contact Us to send us an email, and if you wish to speak to one of us personally, include your telephone number and we will call you as soon as possible.
Will there be additional charges I will have to pay, above what is quoted in your emails?

All prices will be given in US Dollars. PayPal will apply appropriate currency conversion for credit card payments from other countries.

A shipping charge will be added by PayPal based on size and weight of the package.

All other duties, taxes, and brokerage charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

We charge no additional handling fees.