New Images from the Natural World

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alligator basking in winter sun reflections of trees in autumn Harvest mice with holly Willet

These pictures were taken in a variety of locations. They

include wild and captive animals, birds, flowers, and trees.

lone tree Edible Dormouse Lichens Red fox
Sand dunes on Cumberland Island Green Jay Hedgehog Little Owl
Fallow Deer Buck
Three Geese at Christmas Great Blue Heron Field Vole
beach erosion, Hunting Island Muntjac
Little Blue Heron Scottish Wildcat
Barn Owl
Barn Owl autumn leaves in the Cairngorms Siberian Forest kitten
Sea Oats and sand dune
Fallow Deer doe and fawn Harvest Mouse with Holly Tricolored Heron
Highland Cattel Pine Marten Red Squirrel Great Egret Rookery
Snowy Egret Wild horses on Cumberland Island Cornflowers kitten at Christmas
Red Squirrel Black Skimmer
Little Owl Reddish Egret Canopy Feeding
Red Deer Stag
Harvest mice on a bramble stem Highland Cattle White Ibis
Red Squirrrel Reddish Egret canopy feeding Stoat Sheep
Water Vole woodland abstract
Tricolored Heron
Scottish Wildcats
Otter Brown Pelican Reddish Egret
Tricolored Heron
Snowy Egret