In Nature's infinite book of secrecy

sheep A little I can read.
William Shakespeare 1564-1616

In these galleries I show images of a variety of animals. We share this world with a wonderful diversity of creatures. Nature photography is a difficult, and often frustrating endeavour, but the results are worth the effort. Domestic animals, particularly those that share our homes, pose their own challenges!

Bighorn sheep
alligator hatchling
Bighorn sheep
Gallery of Reptiles and Amphibians
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Red squirrel
Swaledale ewe with lamb Black bear
Wolf and pups Pronghorn Herdwick sheep
baby bears Pika Pine marten
Red Deer Eurasian elk red fox
wolf pup howling bear cubs Stoat
wolf pups Grizzly and cub Highland Cattle
Prairie Dog Ground hog Muntjac
Red squirrel wolf  
Water Vole hedgehog Harvest mice on a bramble stem
Fallow deer buck Fallow deer doe and fawn Highland calf
shoeing a horse Cattle in Wensleydale Hedgehog
wolf pup Dog in the Window in Bruges Red Deer Stag calling
Grey Wolf Hiding Behind Leaves Grey Wolf in a Mountain Stream Portrait of a Grey Wolf
Young Bull Moose Mountain Goat kid Harvest mouse with holly
North American Brown Bear in Yellowstone Praying Mantis Edible Dormouse
Bison in the lamar Valley, Yellowstone Buffalo in Yellowstone sheep
Malayan Honey Bear Beaver eating shoots in a pond brown sheep closeup
Baby Koala bear Koala bear Koala bear
Southern Brown Bandicoot Australian Dingo Wensleydale lamb
Red-legged Pademelon Western Grey Kangaroo with Joey otter
Six week old baby giraffe Asian Small-clawed Otter otters on the beach
A very young Indian gaur looking anxious Indian Gaur mother and newborn calf Red squirrel
Barking Deer, Muntjac Baby Hippopotamus Swaledale sheep and lamb
Fruit Bat Meercat sitting up on sentry duty Red squirrel
white horses of the Camargue A unita chipmunk in Utah Field vole
Columbian Ground Squirrel baby elephant with mother in the water
Beef cattle in summer pasture longhorn cow on a ranch in Texas
dragonfly Neurothemis terminata terminata White Park bull
feral mother and foal horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia American Black Bear in Jasper National Park, Canada
Two female elk in Banff National Park Mountain goat Nutria

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A very young mule deer fawn hidden in the grass North Atlantic grey seals fighting over territory