Painters and poets alike have always had licence to dare anything.
Horace 65-8 B.C.
Old Bridge of Livet

When I began working with a digital camera and Photoshop, I made the beginner's mistake of thinking that if an image isn't good enough to stand alone, all you need to do is add a watercolor filter or in some other way add digital effects, and the photograph will magically be salvaged. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before you can even consider adding digital effects you need a good solid image to start with. Over time many different effects have been created by clever people who are artists in their own right. I occasionally enjoy having a little dabble with them, to see what I can create. Also, I have a friend who is a master at these techniques and we have collaborated on a few images, my photograph with her digital effects. I hope you enjoy looking at these efforts.

Reddish Egret Dancing
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Path through the woods
Swans Courting
Sand Dunes on South Padre Island Packhorse Bridge at Watendlath
Tarn Hows Harvest mouse with holly
Brown Pelican Koala
Medieval Bridge in Northumberland Over the Wall
Vase of Flowers Wooden Shoes
Mountain Goat Kid Snowy Egret
Spinolarei, Bruges White Tigers
Siamese Cat Willet
Staithes Wolf pup
sad Sun Bear wolf
Sumatran Tiger