Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful we must carry it with us or we find it not.


Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882
Venice rooftops

These are some of my favourite images. I hope they suggest a different way of seeing the world around us. Some are taken from unusual viewpoints, a few have been rotated. Some are pattern pictures, where man-made or natural elements create patterns of lines, textures, or colours. Occasionally I see something, and I think, "that's odd..." A few are digital manipulations. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Guggenheim Bilbao
Louvre, Paris Santo Domingo de la Calzada colorful wooden stools
Derwentwater in fog Osprey on day marker Through the Window
Ambleside Getaria rooftop Reflections in Autumn
rickety plank jetty Paris Scene Turkish Carpets
eroded sand, pebbles, and rivulets of water on a beach in Wales crooked birches reach for the sky Woodland abstract
red maple leaves in the gutter beneath a slate roof Gold tipped with red Japanese maple leaves Boatload of Umbrellas
wooden rowboats beached in Keswick, Cumbria historic industrial crane fallen peacock feather on wooden decking
reflection in the window of the De La Warr Gallery, Bexhill old church converted to a house in Clifden, Ireland lichens on a tree
Colorful gourds miniature pumpkins
girl walking in the Rotunda, Alhambra, Spain succession of open doors in a vacant apartment
orange and yellow lobster buoys stacked on a pallet two fishermen on the beach at low tide
conductor takes a last look as the train leaves the platform empty chairs and tables in an outdoor cafe on a rainy day
cleat with a rope in the bow of a narrowboat curved steps to the beach at Ventnor
three old trucks used in the logging industry old tanker truck used in the logging industry
Victorian lamp post silhouetted against a blue evening sky derelict mine chimney and overturned fishing boat in Cornwall
details of stonework at St Albans Cathedral wet concrete steps with surf
eroded sandy soil in Waimea Canyon three hot air balloons launching
peeling colourful bark of rainbow eucalyptus curved rows of garden vegetables and greens
sand and seaweed on a beach with rivulets of water shale, seaweed, and sand
traces of snow on winter wheat in the Palouse traces of snow in the fields of The Palouse patterns of stubble and ploughed earth in the Palouse
lone tree in a ploughed field with strips of new green patterns in shadows in a snowdrift in the woods
eroded limestone pillars from a ruined abbey an abstract of white steps with railing
rim lit bud of an Amaryllis canal side wall reflected in still water
geometric shapes of a roofline in Portugal a row of self-drive motor boats tied up for winter