Food and Drink If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world..



It is amazing how important the food we eat when we travel is to our enjoyment of the journey. We can visit gourmet restaurants, or find a small bistro that serves traditional local fare. The meal may be hearty, or an elegant work of art on a plate. When I am on the road I have a particular fondness for a pause to sit and watch the world go by while sipping a hot, foamy cappuccino.

Patriotic cappuccino
Bread and beer
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Roast turkey
Lemon tart
Cappuccino Schnitzel
Venice fish market Scampi
Sea bass platter Crab asparagus salad
strawberries Lobster starter
pastries Asparagus
chocolates cappucino  
finger sandwiches scampi
Scampi risotto Home made scones
York shop window savoury pastries  
crusty roll Tea cakes  
Salt and Pepper Prawns Cream and sugar  
sauteed prawns Finger Sandwiches
Rijsttafel a bakery in Etretat
Seafood platter Tomatoes
turbot Chocolate Mousse  
prawn sandwich Pumpkins
Crepes and Waffles lamb shank
Garlic Prawns Tea cakes
Champagne Fruit and vegetables  
pastries in a Normandy bakery Greenhouse tomatoes
lobster risotto Edible swiftlet nest