I'm called away by particular business,


but I leave my character behind me.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1751-1816
Murano glass craftsman

People are interesting. Whether they are competing in sports, enjoying themselves on holidays, or just going about their normal business they reveal much about themselves when they are unaware of the camera. I prefer photographing people at that special moment when they are concentrating on what they are doing, instead of more formal portraiture.

Gondoliers in Venice
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Venice Fish Market Spanish fisherman New Orleans musicians
Busking in Jackson Square It's a baby alligator Changing of the Guard
Busker with Barrel Organ Cowboys prepare for the rodeo Turkish woman carding wool
Walking the dogs on the beach Knights on horseback Walking the dogs on a windy day
Rodeo in the Mud Queuing for the Sweet Shop Little girl watching wild horses
doing the Macarena at a wedding Queuing in the Rain Carol Singers
Balinese traditional dancer Balinese man untangling fish from a net
Tea picker Girls Watching a Field New Orleans musicians
Elderly Cornishman with his Border Collie dog man and woman with Basset Hound
tourists with umbrellas on a wet day at Ulun Danu worker in rice fields, Bali, Indonesia Indian Children at Batu Caves
rodeo judge on horseback passer-by talking to a dog in a window
little girl and the historic rowboats in Keswick three children racing past an elderly man
small child looking out of a Victorian gazebo Belgian lacemaker
Chuckwagon drivers at a rodeo cowboy on horseback
elderly man looking out of a window two men running through a churchyard
a group of men cleaning the steps beside the Singapore River three teenagers sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon
Balinese girl performing a traditional dance parade of Native American chiefs
woman selling scarves and bags on the beach beach vendor selling hats
painter with a ladder three men watching a football game in a tropical resort
canoeist approaching Bow Falls, Banff National Park little girl on a beach in Mexico
two women and a child walking a dog on a wet day elderly woman looking out of a window on a rainy day
a man, a woman, and a child on a beach little girls sitting at the edge of the surf on a beach