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Most of my photographs are taken when I leave home and visit other places. While I do usually try to avoid the cliche travel images, and look for something that speaks to me about the character of a place or its people, many times the cliche is the right choice for the subject matter. I hope you will enjoy seeing both kinds of images.

In 2014 at the time of my last revision, I had plans to update more frequently and continue to work my way through the older pages, but sometimes life gets in the way and resolutions go out the door. So, while all the newer images have the new style of individual page, there are still quite a few of my original pages that have not yet been revised. Will I find time to rework them? I don't know.

In May of 2014 I returned to Spain with two friends for a driving tour of Northern Spain and the Pyrenees. We enjoyed the mix of visible history and wonderful scenery as we travelled toward the Bay of Biscay and Bilbao. Getaria is a wonderful historic fishing village near Bilbao. I left Spain and spent some time in England, including Dorset, Cumbria, Devon, and the Cotswolds.

From October of 2014 through to January of 2016 I visited Victoria every 6 to 8 weeks to keep up with my mother after she broke her leg. Alas, she never recovered her mobility, and for various reasons there was a sad downward spiral of dementia and an inability to live independently until she died.

Dick and I still managed to fit in quite a bit of travel, and I spent the time at home working on my new garden. It continues to improve, but gardening is a challenge in this hot and humid climate. We also welcomed a new member of the family, a Siberian Forest Cat named Tucker.

In 2015 we visited St Martin in the Caribbean and Boone, North Carolina, followed by a few weeks in England's Lake District in the summer. In autumn we stayed in the Shenandoah Valley and I enjoyed the autumn colours on Skyline Drive.

Much of our time in the past two years has been spent looking for the perfect boat. We finally found her in late 2016, and spent 3 weeks at the beginning of 2017 bringing her from the Gulf Coast of Florida to our dock in South Carolina. She is a motor catamaran, and will suit us very well for our future voyaging.

In the summer of 2016 we celebrated Dick's retirement with a road trip of 7 weeks that took in 22 states and 3 provinces. 10,000 miles and 3 ferries later I had amassed a nice portfolio of images, some of them included in this update. I went to New Orleans twice in 2016 with friends, and we spent late summer and early autumn in UK. We also visited Bermuda in October.

Future plans include a river cruise in Europe, with opportunities for photography along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers as well as Switzerland and Milan and Venice in Italy. Boating plans include part of America's Great Loop. Our UK trip this year includes canal boating in Shakespeare Country and plenty of walking in the Lake District.

I hope you enjoy my work, and that you will return to this site again to see future updates.

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