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Allium siculum Blue Tit Appalachian Trail Black Bear

These pictures were taken in a variety of locations. They

include wild and captive animals, birds, flowers, and trees.

Lacewing Bobcat Camellia Cormorants
Daylily Least Bittern Gannets in flight Ground hog
Baby bears
Limpkin Angels Trumpet Herb garden
Ketchup and Mustard rose Lynx
Red Deer stag Spice Finch
Lily flowered tulips Malachite butterfly Swaledale ewe with lamb
Herdwick sheep Gemini rose Grizzly and cub
Fisher Double Scoop Cranberry coneflower Blue Morpho Gannets
Green Heron Bluebells Cat in a box Baby bears
Bobcat Bittern
Blue Poppy Beebalm
Italian Garden
Flamingoes Agapanthus Queen Mum Chaffinch
Coral Drift Rose Glossy Ibis Monarch butterfly Eurasian Elk
Purple Coneflower Mallard in flight
Hydrangeas and hosta
Literary Cat Gloriosa Lily White Ibis
Ibis in flight
Wolf pup howling tulips and daffodils Snow Monkeys Pleated Gentian
Red Squirrel Tricolored heron in flight Astrantia Atlanta Botanical Garden
Bighorn Sheep Gemini rose Tucker at the computer tomatoes
Milkweed Ornamental Onion Osteospermum Northern Pintail
Graham Thomas rose Prairie Dog Hot Lava Coneflower Pronghorn
pheasant Just Joey rose Wolf pups Great Grey Owl
Tricolored Heron in flight Pasque Flower Narcissus Ice Follies Summer Snowflake
Beebalm pelicans tulips and forget-me-nots Glossy Ibis
Apricot Drift Rose Bighorn sheep Mazus reptans Pika
Lynx Snowdrops Coreopsis Ruby Frost April garden
Osprey Narcissus Tahiti Wolf tulips
Wolf and pups Woodland Walk Species lily Chaffinch