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Potentillia Beaugency Aysgarth Falls Just Joey rose

These are photographs that I feel are no longer representative of my current skill level. I have retired them from the various categories they used to occupy, and grouped them all together here in honourable retirement.

last rose of summer Frost on Dock Timbers Lytham Pier Contour ploughing in The Palouse
Three Goldfinches Barred Owl Ducks in a Row Great Blue Heron with Eel
Wood Stork
Wood Storks Northern Shoveler Baby birds in a nest
Harbour Seal Wild horses, Cumberland Island
Teddy Bear Asleep in a Shoe Humpback Whale Sounding
Spouting Horn blowhole, Kauai
Windowbox with Geraniums Fountains Abbey St Albans
Seals at Donna Nook
Black Bear eating dandelions Harvest Mouse with Holly Dunham Massey Stables
Victorian Houses, Keswick Pine Marten Burgtheatre, Vienna Basket of Peppers
Sunset on the Canal Spider Cumberland Island Lane spider web
Birch tree in autumn Black Skimmer
Chew Jetty, Penang Arlington Cemetery
Spouting Horn blowhole, Kauai
rocks and rope Stormy Kauai beach Waialua Beach
Tropical Sunset Amphitriet Point Lighthouse beach in Phuket, Thailand Sheep
A walk on the Beach at Filey woodland abstract
Tricolored Heron
Vermillion Lakes at Dusk
flower arrangement Witch Hazel Hibiscus Moscheutos bud
Jousting Boats
Portreath Clump of snowdrops Andalusian Windmills Alliums
rose with dewdrops Notre Dame Twelve Apostles Hunting Island marshland
Primula denticula dahlia Misty Grand Union Canal Mauve and white tulips
Mill Bay Administration Building Soft Shades of a Rose Agua Canyon
Fortress Belixe Corkscrew Hazel Watendlath Willemstad
Whiffin Spit Broadhaven Beach
Beebalm Moraine Lake
Moss covered rock Three sheds Beaver Pond Turf Fen drainage mill
dahlia After the Ice Storm Croquet Ground
Seri Wawasan Bridge Champagne celebration Puu Gih Jih Temple, Sandakan Swiftlet Edible Nest