Each has his own tree of ancestors, but


at the top of all sits Probably Arboreal.
Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894
Snow Monkeys

They are so like us. They share over 90% of the same DNA sequence. We look at any primate mother and baby, and we experience the same set of feelings as when we see a human mother and her child. They are social animals, highly intelligent, adaptable, and because of these traits they are often quite dangerous. Studying any member of the primate family is like looking into a mirror, and we may not always like what we see!

Orangutan in the rain PHOTOS
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Orphan orangutan Orphan orangutan baby
Proboscis monkeys Male Proboscis Monkey
Silvery Leaf Monkeys Silver leaf monkey with baby
Silvery Leaf Monkey Silvery leaf Monkey baby
Young Orangutan Silvery Leaf Monkey baby
Male orang utan Orangutan female
Silvery Leaf Monkey baby Long-tailed Macaque

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Young Orangutan Orangutan Male
Female Orang Utan Pigtail Macaque