Who loves a garden
loves a greenhouse too.
William Cowper , 1731-1800
Jade Vine

Orchids, waterlilies and hibiscus are some of the tropical flowers we recognize, but there are many beautiful and exotic tropicals. Some are quiet and subtle, most are so colourful they shout for our attention.

Emerald Creeper
red flower of Cardinal's Guard Yellow Hibiscus Rosa Chinensis
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Yellow Hibiscus
Lantana flower with preying mantis
Cardinal's Guard
orange and white flower of African Spiral Flag
purple waterlily flower with two bees
African Spiral Flag
flower of King Protea
yellow hibiscus with red centre
King Protea
yellow and orange flower of Bauhinia kockiana
pretty Calliandra flower
lotus bud
drying seed pod of a lotus flower
beautiful yeallow and pink hibiscus flower
red flower of Rananthera Singaporeans orchid
yellow flower of a Cattleya orchid
green and brown Pitcher Plant
Cattleya orchid
white Mussadena flower
Pitcher Plant
exotic blooms of a Pansy orchid
closeup of the centre of an Amaryllis flower
unfurling white flower of Clerodendron
pink flower of a banana plant
yellow and orange bromeliad flower
Banana Flower
Soaptree Yucca in white sand desert
soft orange Pagoda Flower
Soaptree Yucca
white phalaenopsis orchid closeup
Pagoda Flower
exotic slipper orchid