It is an unfortunate fact of life for artists and photographers that many people do not understand that pictures posted on the worldwide web are not free to take and do whatever you wish with them. Sales of our work is how we are able to continue doing what we love, and every time somebody copies an image from our website and uses it, they devalue it. It is very easy for a special image to become so tainted in the marketplace that it can no longer be sold or licenced by the original artist. By putting our copyright notice clearly across the image, we are able to maintain some control over how it is used. It is understood that prints that you pay for will not have this notice, nor will the files provided for images that you may choose to licence from us. Please see the copyright notice and disclaimer for more information.

I have removed all the buy now buttons from all pages. The range of print sizes and papers that can be provided is large, and a buy now button limits your choices. The only sales of prints I do now are through agencies such as Fine Art America, Photo4Me, and Artflakes. For those images that are available from Fine Art America, I have included a link on the image page and you can obtain an immediate quote for a variety of print types and sizes, framed and unframed.

Yes. Fine Art America offers many interesting options for such products on their website. Just click on the link on the image page and you will see all the options and prices available.

Much of Phyllis’s work is abstract in nature. As such, and because she had a comparatively small portfolio, it was very seldom that any of her work was sold online. There is a time and a cost element to keeping work with agencies, and there is also the unfortunate reality that so much of the work that is on the internet is stolen for use without payment. I have taken the decision to remove Phyllis’s work from sale at this time. She died in 2016, and there will be no new work. If you are interested in purchasing a print of one of her paintings, use the Contact US information and I may be willing to make one or more prints available on a case by case basis.

Yes! For information and charges, please send us an email by pressing the Contact Us button. Be sure to specify the image you are interested in as part of the subject line of your email. Alternately, many of Louise’s images on this website, plus additional selections can be licenced or purchased as a digital file from Getty Images, Alamy, or other stock agencies. Many images have a link to the appropriate stock agency file in the individual image page.

Oh please. You don’t give away your products or skills for nothing. Neither do I! There are time and costs associated with every image I create. Hours of work go into taking, refining, and preparing each image for display. Please do not ask, I make no exceptions, ever.

This is one of the reasons that I no longer sell prints directly. Using an agency protects both me and my customers from fraud. All orders are placed on a SECURE site. The agencies that represent my work have with years of experience handling payment transactions by a variety of methods and in different currencies.

Shipping will be determined at the time of purchase from the agency. Your quote will have shipping options as a separate item. The agency contracts with print companies to produce the work, and you will be given an estimate of both time and cost when you purchase a print.