What's New? (March 2018)

I have completed a new update of this website. New photographic images are available in Photos. Each category lists the number of new images that have been added. Alternatively, you can choose to scan only the new images and dip in here and there as you choose by clicking on the New Travel Images, or New Images from Nature from the Photos main page.

This update adds 149 new photographs of travel and nature, taken in 2017.

Phyllis Albone

Louise Heusinkveld


Some of Louise's images showcased here, and many additional photographs, are available for sale as digital files from the stock agency Alamy. Click below to access Louise's Alamy images.

Stock photography by Louise+Heusinkveld at Alamy

Louise's work is also represented by Getty Images. You will find a link to Getty photographs on the individual image pages.

A selection of Louise's photographs are available from Fine Art America:

Art Prints

About Phyllis

Phyllis died in January 2016 and is much missed by her friends and family. Here is her biography as she wrote it: I was born and raised in Essex, England. After marriage in 1950 and the birth of our daughter, we emigrated to Canada and lived in Toronto. We retired to beautiful B.C in 1987 and I was able to devote more time to my interest in art, concentrating on Watercolours, Inks and Collage. I became a member of the Victoria Sketch Club in 2002. During the past few years I have enjoyed the freedom and challenge of Creative Art using acrylic paints and inks. I have taken courses with Ann Hunter,Lorne Loomer, Gerald Brommer, Maxine Masterfield, Donna Baspaly and Jill Ehlert.


Phyllis's work is no longer for sale.


About Louise

Born in the UK, raised in Toronto, Canada, I was given my first camera at the age of 10. While on overseas assignment with my husband, I was able to return to photography and learn digital imaging techniques. I completed the City & Guilds Photography courses, earning “distinction” in each course, and was subsequently enrolled as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society. I joined Epsom Camera Club in 1999, and was Chairman for one year before returning to Canada in 2003. After 3 years in Calgary, we moved to the USA. After a brief stay in Upstate New York, where I joined the Twin Tier Camera Club in Western New York State, we spent 3 years in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Returning from the far east we divided our time between Houston, Texas, and Paris, France for the next two years. We now live in South Carolina. We are pursuing various interests in retirement, most of them involving some sort of travel.


Louise's garden and horticultural images are available from Garden World Images.


Art and photography related links:

Federation of Canadian Artists: www.artists.ca

Royal Photographic Society: www.rps.org

Epsom Camera Club (Surrey, England): www.epsomcc.org.uk


Abstract paintings from Fine Art America:

abstract paintings 

Stock photography by Louise+Heusinkveld at Alamy

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