The Harbour entrance, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The entrance to the harbour of the historic fishing town of Whitby, North Yorkshire. The harbour is divided into an inner and an outer harbour, both well protected from wind and swells, separated by a swing bridge that spans the River Esk. There is no evidence that the port was used by the Romans but there are mentions of Whitby fishermen in the 12th Century. The arms of the entrance piers extend out to sea in a northerly direction leaving the entrance exposed in strong winds from the north west through north to north east and sheltered from other directions. Two lighthouses and two beacons mark the entrance to the harbour. The West Lighthouse was built in 1835 and is the taller of the two. The East lighthouse was built in 1855. A foghorn on the end of the west extension sounds a blast every 30 seconds during fog.

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