Uinta Chipmunk, Eutamius umbrinus

Uinta Chipmunk, Eutamius umbrinus, Agua Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. The Uinta Chipmunk is the most common of the three species of chipmunk that inhabit Bryce Canyon National Park. Large fur-lined cheek pouches are what distinguish chipmunks from the rest of the squirrel family. Cheek pouches allow chipmunks to transport food back to their nests and still run at full speed on all fours. The Uinta Chipmunk is considered a tree-dwelling species, which means although it spends lots of time on the ground, it nests and seeks refuge from predators in the trees. Uinta Chipmunks nest in the cavities of dead trees or hollow logs and have one litter of 2-5 offspring each spring. They are common throughout their range, and can become pests when fed by irresponsible tourists.

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